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Evil Snot Monster Sketch

Ok, so I create one or two of these bad boys a day depending on what trauma life is throwing my way. I suffer horrendous allergies, ( lots of mucus, lots of allergy pills) it is what made me and indoor kind of creature and what do you do when trapped in side , you draw and you read (A LOT !!!!!) or you melt your brain playing video games and watching TV ( lucky me I grew up with out cable) my older brother use to call me 'the snot monster' (affectionately of course) and during my most recent allergy attack right after I came up with 'The Monster Market' I decided to draw out however I felt and how I felt about different members of the Mad Meeks clan or random people in the street. What ever tickled my fancy, so I hope you enjoy my bestiaries there will be a painting ( probably) a bit latter but hay , hand sighed posters and prints of by budding beastly beauties are available.

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